Monday, March 1, 2010


(these avatars created from the trial transcript)
During the direct examination of Robert Dustin Bryant, Bryant first testified that Johnson said Rogers wasn't at home. Later he tries to embellish by stating that after Johnson was told about the documents, he simply laughed and shut the door in Bryant's face. Now this didn't fit Partrick's storyline. As rough as shutting the door in someones face may seem, Partrick rather wanted it said that upon hearing that Rogers was to get papers, Johnson stated that Rogers was not there in the home. Listen as he repeatedly asks Bryant if Johnson stated that Rogers was not there. In the end, Partrick still swore that Bryant stated that Johnson had said that Rogers was not there. It would be funny if it weren't so tragic. This is why all lawyers can't be prosecutors.

(Transcript testimony December 8, 2008)
ROBERT BRYANT: "I stated to him [Johnson] that I needed to personally deliver documents to Martha Rogers."
(Sworn statement: Charging Document: filed Nov 3, 2008. Sworn to by Sean Partrick on Feb 20, 2009)
SEAN PARTRICK: "When Defendant answered the door, Mr. Bryant indicated that he had legal documents to serve* on Martha Rogers."
*Wording attempts to manufacture a crime where none existed.
"No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar."
Abraham Lincoln


Recently, I was reading the blog "DURHAM-IN-WONDERLAND", which concerns the Duke Lacrosse case. The blog goes into great detail that Judge Ronald Stephens, the twin brother of Judge Donald Stephens, is not the kind of Judge that the citizens need or want. Now I don't have too much to say about Judge Ronald. Even though, he let Judge Baddour's crazy case of criminal contempt move forward, he nevertheless threw the whole thing out once he heard the facts. I actually don't believe Judge Donald would have done that, but you never know. Anyway, the blog gives a blistering assessment of Judge Ronald, and then I noticed the author's name, KC Johnson. Now I trust that these judges know that although my name is KC Johnson, I nevertheless have nothing to do with that blog. Scary part is, Partick, West and the like, have convinced Judge Donald Stephens that I should be responsible for anything on the web that they don't like. Strange times...

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